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Kamelia & Harish

One & Only the Palm Jumeirah

A truly unique and very romantic wedding for a wonderful couple from the US. She was a Persian beauty and he was an Indian gentleman and together they have formed just an inspiring combination of love. We all had so much fun creating this Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired wedding setup.


Hi Stefanie Harish and I were speaking today about what an amazing job you did, we could not have been happier with everything and our guests also said the same thing! You truly are the best and made our day special. We are flying out to Maldives but I have a gift for you that I forgot to give you among all the things going on! I’ll recommend you strongly to all my bride to be friends in USA looking for destination weddings! I already am getting so many of them asking. I just watched the video 3 times in a row, I absolutely love it 😍 THANK YOU 🙏 You and your team did a fantastic job, I couldn’t be happier with the video and pictures too ❤❤❤ Thank you, I’m so happy you are in the dance scenes too ❤ it was so much fun, I’m gonna be back for vow renewal! Love it 😍 Thank you 💚 Kamelia