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Nicola & Massud

One & Only the Palm Jumeirah

Our German & Persian affair set at the Courtyard of The One and Only Palm, on the 16th of November, 2018. The air was filled with the sweet-smelling fresh peonies, orchids & roses, and we had filled in endless amounts of candles (big and small) all over this exquisitely thought out, and intimate wedding reception. Pastels, ivory and gold was what the couple envisioned, for their celebration. We almost felt like we were in a dream, and had transcended our lovely couple, and their guests to a venue set far away in Europe – this was our Peony Reverie.


First of all, thank you so so much. The wedding was so beautiful. All our friends said it was amazing and we are still talking about it. Everything was fantastic, matching and professionally planned. It was just like an unbelievable dream. Thank you so much!!