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Shorouk & Faris

The Five Hotel Palm Jumeirah

For this Saudi couple, we had an extremely intimate, but at the same time flamboyant winter wonderland themed wedding eve in the cozy, FIVE The Palm’s ballroom  – with crystals all over the ceiling, sticking strictly to a color palette of all white everything, high crystal candelabras teamed with low but lush centerpieces of white roses, plenty of light and mirror boxes, and white led trees in the pathway to the crystalized kosha. Adding the icing to the cake (yes, pun intended), dry ice setting placed all over the venue to literally live the-walking-on-ice experience for all of the guests. Entering into the world of snowflakes, and crystals – an all-white, sparkly winter wonderland wedding for our unconventional couple, Sharouk and Faris, held on the 5th of January, 2019.